Thrill  0.1
Environment Configuration Variables

Environment Variables

  • THRILL_LOG - a file name to output extensive JSON log information. See Runtime Profile Plots and DIA Dataflow Graphs.
  • THRILL_WORKERS_PER_HOST - number of workers per host, default: number of cores detected.
  • THRILL_RAM - working memory limit, default: whole physical memory.
  • THRILL_NET - network protocol used. Currently available:
    • mock - mock network via shared-memory
    • local - local kernel-level loopback sockets (default launch configuration)
    • tcp - usual TCP sockets
    • mpi - MPI transport (automatically detected)
  • THRILL_LOCAL - for mock and local networks: number of simulated hosts.
  • THRILL_CORE_OFFSET - (local only) number of cores to skip, default: 0 (pin to cores 0 to THRILL_LOCAL * THRILL_WORKERS_PER_HOST - 1)

Internal environment variables set by the run scripts:

  • THRILL_HOSTLIST - list of TCP host:port to connect to
  • THRILL_RANK - rank this executable in a TCP network
  • THRILL_DIE_WITH_PARENT - perform kernel call to die if the parent ssh caller dies. Otherwise Thrill programs continue to run.
  • THRILL_UNLINK_BINARY - used by SSH launcher to cleanup a copied executable.

Additional environment variables used by VFS layer

  • THRILL_S3_HOST - default S3 host (optional, default: AWS)
  • THRILL_S3_KEY - S3 access key id (required for s3:// URLs)
  • THRILL_S3_SECRET - S3 access secret (required for s3:// URLs)