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GroupByNode< ValueType, KeyExtractor, GroupFunction, HashFunction, UseLocationDetection >::HashCount Class Reference

Detailed Description

template<typename ValueType, typename KeyExtractor, typename GroupFunction, typename HashFunction, bool UseLocationDetection>
class thrill::api::GroupByNode< ValueType, KeyExtractor, GroupFunction, HashFunction, UseLocationDetection >::HashCount

Definition at line 72 of file group_by_key.hpp.

Public Types

using CounterType = uint8_t
using HashType = size_t

Public Member Functions

bool NeedBroadcast () const
HashCount operator+ (const HashCount &b) const
HashCountoperator+= (const HashCount &b)
bool operator< (const HashCount &b) const
template<typename BitReader >
void ReadBits (BitReader &reader)
 Read count from BitReader. More...
template<typename BitWriter >
void WriteBits (BitWriter &writer) const
 Write count and dia_mask to BitWriter. More...

Public Attributes

CounterType count
size_t hash

Static Public Attributes

static constexpr size_t counter_bits_ = 8 * sizeof(CounterType)

Member Typedef Documentation

using CounterType = uint8_t

Definition at line 76 of file group_by_key.hpp.

using HashType = size_t

Definition at line 75 of file group_by_key.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

bool NeedBroadcast ( ) const

method to check if this hash count should be broadcasted to all workers interested – for GroupByKey -> always.

Definition at line 98 of file group_by_key.hpp.

Member Data Documentation

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