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WriteLinesOneNode< ValueType > Class Template Referencefinal

Detailed Description

template<typename ValueType>
class thrill::api::WriteLinesOneNode< ValueType >

Definition at line 31 of file write_lines_one.hpp.

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#include <write_lines_one.hpp>

Public Types

using Super = ActionNode
- Public Types inherited from DIABase
using DIABasePtr = tlx::CountingPtr< DIABase >

Public Member Functions

template<typename ParentDIA >
 WriteLinesOneNode (const ParentDIA &parent, const std::string &path_out)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ActionNode
 ActionNode (Context &ctx, const char *label, const std::initializer_list< size_t > &parent_ids, const std::initializer_list< DIABasePtr > &parents)
std::vector< DIABase * > children () const final
 ActionNodes do not have children. More...
void DecConsumeCounter (size_t) final
void IncConsumeCounter (size_t) final
void PushData (bool) final
 ActionNodes do not push data, they only Execute. More...
void RemoveAllChildren () final
 ActionNodes do not have children. More...
void RemoveChild (DIABase *) final
 ActionNodes do not have children. More...
void RunPushData () final
 ActionNodes do not push data, they only Execute. More...
void SetConsumeCounter (size_t) final
- Public Member Functions inherited from DIABase
 DIABase (Context &ctx, const char *label, const std::initializer_list< size_t > &parent_ids, const std::initializer_list< DIABasePtr > &parents)
 The constructor for a DIABase. More...
 DIABase (Context &ctx, const char *label, std::vector< size_t > &&parent_ids, std::vector< DIABasePtr > &&parents)
 The constructor for a DIABase. More...
 DIABase (const DIABase &)=delete
 non-copyable: delete copy-constructor More...
 DIABase (DIABase &&)=default
 move-constructor: default More...
virtual ~DIABase ()
 Virtual destructor for a DIABase. More...
virtual size_t consume_counter () const
 Returns consume_counter_. More...
Contextcontext ()
 Returns the api::Context of this DIABase. More...
virtual bool ForwardDataOnly () const
const size_t & id () const
 return unique id() of DIANode subclass as stored by StatsNode More...
const char * label () const
 return label() of DIANode subclass as stored by StatsNode More...
mem::Managermem_manager ()
 Return the Context's memory manager. More...
DIABaseoperator= (const DIABase &)=delete
 non-copyable: delete assignment operator More...
DIABaseoperator= (DIABase &&)=default
 move-assignment operator: default More...
std::vector< size_t > parent_ids () const
 Returns the parents of this DIABase. More...
const std::vector< DIABasePtr > & parents () const
 Returns the parents of this DIABase. More...
void RemoveParent (DIABase *p)
 Remove a parent. More...
virtual bool RequireParentPushData (size_t) const
void RunScope ()
void set_mem_limit (const DIAMemUse &mem_limit)
void set_state (const DIAState &state)
DIAState state () const
virtual DIAMemUse PreOpMemUse ()
 Amount of RAM used by PreOp after StartPreOp() More...
virtual void StartPreOp (size_t)
 Virtual method for preparing start of PushData. More...
virtual bool OnPreOpFile (const data::File &, size_t)
virtual void StopPreOp (size_t)
 Virtual method for preparing end of PushData. More...
virtual DIAMemUse ExecuteMemUse ()
 Amount of RAM used by Execute() More...
virtual void Execute ()=0
 Virtual execution method. Triggers actual computation in sub-classes. More...
virtual DIAMemUse PushDataMemUse ()
 Amount of RAM used by PushData() More...
virtual void Dispose ()
 Virtual clear method. Triggers actual disposing in sub-classes. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from ReferenceCounter
 ReferenceCounter () noexcept
 new objects have zero reference count More...
 ReferenceCounter (const ReferenceCounter &) noexcept
 coping still creates a new object with zero reference count More...
 ~ReferenceCounter ()
bool dec_reference () const noexcept
 Call whenever resetting (i.e. More...
void inc_reference () const noexcept
 Call whenever setting a pointer to the object. More...
ReferenceCounteroperator= (const ReferenceCounter &) noexcept
 assignment operator, leaves pointers unchanged More...
size_t reference_count () const noexcept
 Return the number of references to this object (for debugging) More...
bool unique () const noexcept
 Test if the ReferenceCounter is referenced by only one CountingPtr. More...

Public Attributes

std::ofstream file_
 File to write to. More...
size_t local_lines_ = 0
size_t local_size_ = 0
 Local file size. More...
data::File temp_file_ { context_.GetFile(this) }
 Temporary File for splitting correctly? More...
data::File::Writer writer_ { temp_file_.GetWriter() }
 File writer used. More...
- Public Attributes inherited from DIABase
common::JsonLogger logger_

Static Private Attributes

static constexpr bool debug = false

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Attributes inherited from DIABase
static constexpr size_t kNeverConsume = static_cast<size_t>(-1)
 Never full consume. More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from DIABase
 associated Context More...
const size_t id_
 DIA serial id. More...
const char *const label_
 DOp node static label. More...
DIAState state_ = DIAState::NEW
 State of the DIANode. State is NEW on creation. More...
std::vector< DIABasePtrparents_
 Parents of this DIABase. More...
DIAMemUse mem_limit_ = 0
size_t consume_counter_ = 1

Member Typedef Documentation

using Super = ActionNode

Definition at line 36 of file write_lines_one.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

WriteLinesOneNode ( const ParentDIA &  parent,
const std::string &  path_out 

Definition at line 40 of file write_lines_one.hpp.

Member Data Documentation

constexpr bool debug = false

Definition at line 33 of file write_lines_one.hpp.

std::ofstream file_

File to write to.

Definition at line 43 of file write_lines_one.hpp.

size_t local_lines_ = 0

Definition at line 108 of file write_lines_one.hpp.

size_t local_size_ = 0

Local file size.

Definition at line 100 of file write_lines_one.hpp.

data::File temp_file_ { context_.GetFile(this) }

Temporary File for splitting correctly?

Definition at line 103 of file write_lines_one.hpp.

data::File::Writer writer_ { temp_file_.GetWriter() }

File writer used.

Definition at line 106 of file write_lines_one.hpp.

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