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dyn_block_reader.hpp File Reference
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class  DynBlockSource
 This is the actual BlockSource used to instantiate BlockReader. More...
class  DynBlockSourceAdapter< BlockSource >
 Adapter class to wrap any existing BlockSource concept class into a DynBlockSourceInterface. More...
class  DynBlockSourceInterface
 This is a pure virtual base which will be used to fetch Blocks for the BlockReader from different sources. More...






using DynBlockReader = BlockReader< DynBlockSource >
 Instantiation of BlockReader for reading from the polymorphic source. More...


template<typename BlockSource , typename... Params>
DynBlockReader ConstructDynBlockReader (Params &&...params)
 Method to construct a DynBlockReader from a non-polymorphic BlockSource. More...
template<typename BlockSource , typename... Params>
DynBlockSource ConstructDynBlockSource (Params &&...params)
 Method to construct a DynBlockSource from a non-polymorphic BlockSource. More...

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