Thrill  0.1
foxxll::async_schedule_local Namespace Reference


using write_time_pair = std::pair< size_t, size_t >


static size_t get_disk (size_t i, const size_t *disks, size_t D)
size_t simulate_async_write (const size_t *disks, const size_t L, const size_t m_init, const size_t D, std::pair< size_t, size_t > *o_time)


static constexpr bool debug = false

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◆ write_time_pair

using write_time_pair = std::pair<size_t, size_t>

Definition at line 54 of file async_schedule.cpp.

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◆ get_disk()

static size_t foxxll::async_schedule_local::get_disk ( size_t  i,
const size_t *  disks,
size_t  D 

Definition at line 63 of file async_schedule.cpp.

References gen_data::D, and file::DEFAULT_DEVICE_ID.

Referenced by simulate_async_write().

◆ simulate_async_write()

size_t foxxll::async_schedule_local::simulate_async_write ( const size_t *  disks,
const size_t  L,
const size_t  m_init,
const size_t  D,
std::pair< size_t, size_t > *  o_time 

Definition at line 72 of file async_schedule.cpp.

References gen_data::D, get_disk(), and TLX_LOG.

Referenced by foxxll::compute_prefetch_schedule().

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◆ debug

constexpr bool debug = false

Definition at line 36 of file async_schedule.cpp.

Referenced by foxxll::compute_prefetch_schedule().