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ProfileThread::Timer Struct Reference

Detailed Description

struct for timer callbacks

Definition at line 74 of file profile_thread.hpp.

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Public Member Functions

 Timer (const steady_clock::time_point &_next_timeout, const milliseconds &_period, ProfileTask *_task, bool _own_task)
bool operator< (const Timer &b) const

Public Attributes

steady_clock::time_point next_timeout
 timepoint of next run More...
bool own_task
 delete task on deletion More...
milliseconds period
 interval period for rescheduling More...
 callback More...

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Timer ( const steady_clock::time_point &  _next_timeout,
const milliseconds _period,
ProfileTask _task,
bool  _own_task 

Definition at line 81 of file profile_thread.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

bool operator< ( const Timer b) const

Definition at line 87 of file profile_thread.cpp.

References ProfileThread::Timer::next_timeout.

Member Data Documentation

steady_clock::time_point next_timeout

timepoint of next run

Definition at line 76 of file profile_thread.hpp.

Referenced by ProfileThread::Timer::operator<(), and ProfileThread::Worker().

bool own_task

delete task on deletion

Definition at line 82 of file profile_thread.hpp.

Referenced by ProfileThread::Worker().

milliseconds period

interval period for rescheduling

Definition at line 78 of file profile_thread.hpp.

Referenced by ProfileThread::Worker().

ProfileTask* task


Definition at line 80 of file profile_thread.hpp.

Referenced by ProfileThread::Remove(), and ProfileThread::Worker().

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