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PolynomialRegression< Type, WithStore >::Coefficients Struct Reference

Detailed Description

template<typename Type = double, bool WithStore = false>
struct tlx::PolynomialRegression< Type, WithStore >::Coefficients

polynomial stored as the coefficients of \( a_0+a_1 x^1+a_2 x^2+\cdots+a_n x^n \)

Definition at line 84 of file polynomial_regression.hpp.

Inherits vector< T >.

#include <polynomial_regression.hpp>

Public Member Functions

Type evaluate (const Type &x) const
 evaluate polynomial at x using Horner schema More...

Member Function Documentation

◆ evaluate()

Type evaluate ( const Type &  x) const

evaluate polynomial at x using Horner schema

Definition at line 86 of file polynomial_regression.hpp.

References PolynomialRegression< Type, WithStore >::size().

Referenced by PolynomialRegression< Type, WithStore >::evaluate().

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