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WordCount, PageRank, and more...
Convenient user interface for writing Big Data algorithms as dataflow graphs with imperative actions. Contains the Context and DIA classes.
See List of DIA Operation for a comprehensive overview.
Distributed data structures and algorithms used to build API: Shuffle/Reduce Table, StageBuilder.
Manages transfer of large amounts of data between workers. Contains Serialization, File, BlockWriter, Channel, and Multiplexer. Controls connections between compute nodes, contains collective communication primitives like Broadcast, AllReduce for simple datatypes.
Backends: net::mock, net::tcp, net::mpi.
asynchronous I/O, direct file access impl, and disk allocation. (shared with STXXL) for transparent access to POSIX, S3, and in future HDFS.
Independent common tools such as Logger, ThreadPool, Delegates, ConcurrentQueue, CmdlineParser, etc. Keeps track of memory consumption of all stakeholders in system. Extra memory pool for I/O data structures.