Thrill  0.1
gen_data Namespace Reference


string comment = "# Params: "
int D = 1
int maxx = 100
int minx = -100
int N = 1000000
int noise_add_sig = 10
int noise_mu = 1
float noise_sig = 0.1
int param_mu = 1
float param_sig = 0.2
list params = [random.gauss(param_mu, param_sig) for x in range(0, D)]
int SEED = 666
string string = " ".join(map(str,x)) + " "
int value = 0
list x = [random.uniform(minx, maxx) for x in range(0,D)]

Variable Documentation

◆ comment

string comment = "# Params: "

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◆ D

◆ maxx

int maxx = 100

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◆ minx

int minx = -100

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◆ N

◆ noise_add_sig

int noise_add_sig = 10

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◆ noise_mu

int noise_mu = 1

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◆ noise_sig

float noise_sig = 0.1

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◆ param_mu

int param_mu = 1

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◆ param_sig

float param_sig = 0.2

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◆ params

list params = [random.gauss(param_mu, param_sig) for x in range(0, D)]


int SEED = 666

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◆ string

string string = " ".join(map(str,x)) + " "

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◆ value

int value = 0

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◆ x

list x = [random.uniform(minx, maxx) for x in range(0,D)]
examples/tutorial/k-means_step1.cpp, examples/tutorial/k-means_step2.cpp, examples/tutorial/k-means_step3.cpp, examples/tutorial/k-means_step4.cpp, examples/tutorial/k-means_step5.cpp, and examples/tutorial/k-means_step6.cpp.

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